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A guide to aid in research on mythology from different regions and eras.

Helpful Research Guides

Search Terms and Tips

The key to a successful search is in the proper manipulation of your search terms. A broad search term will bring a broad amount of search results e.g. "Greek Mythology". If you narrow your search terms to the specific aspects of what you want you will find much more narrow results e.g. "Greek Mythology" AND "Creation".

Provide specific names e.g. "Odin" or "Zeus". If the name has a variety of spellings try each spelling e.g. "Cronus" or "Kronos". 

Try connecting names with specific authors who wrote about them e.g. "Zeus" AND "Ovid" or "Achilles" AND "Homer".

Try connecting names with specific events in mythology e.g. "Achilles" AND "The Trojan War" or "Thor" AND "Ragnarök".

Provide specific names of realms e.g. "Hades", "Tartarus", "Asgard", and "Valhalla". 

Provide names of stories e.g. "How coyote stole fire".



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