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A guide to aid in research on mythology from different regions and eras.

Egyptian Mythology Images- Encylopedia Britannica

Book of the Dead


Greenfield Papyrus, c. 950 BC


Bronze work statuette: c. 600-100 BC



Late Period bronze figurine

Re (Ra)

Selection of Major Gods

Introduction to Egyptian Mythology

Seti I: detail of relief from temple

The ancient Egyptians believed in many different gods and goddesses. Each one with their own role to play in maintaining peace and harmony across the land. Some gods and goddesses took part in creation, some brought the flood every year, some offered protection, and some took care of people after they died. Others were either local gods who represented towns, or minor gods who represented plants or animals. The ancient Egyptians believed that it was important to recognize and worship these gods and goddesses so that life continued smoothly. (Ancient Egypt, British Museum, 2015) For more information you can visit the British Museum page listed under the Websites section or you can read the Encyclopedia Britannica’s page linked below.

Selected Works

LC Subject: Mythology, Egyptian.


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