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OER Subject Guides

This guide is a collection of Open Educational Resources across disciplines relevant to the Touro College community. A work-in-progress!

English and Writing

The list above was created by Zach Claybaugh.

EmpoWord textbook​EmpoWord: A Student-Centered Anthology & Handbook for College Writers

by Shane Abrams, Portland State University

EmpoWord is a reader and rhetoric that champions the possibilities of student writing. The textbook uses actual student writing to exemplify effective writing strategies, celebrating dedicated college writing students to encourage and instruct their successors: the students in your class.

Through both creative and traditional activities, readers are encouraged to explore a variety of rhetorical situations to become more critical agents of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in all facets of their lives. Straightforward and readable instruction sections introduce key vocabulary, concepts, and strategies. Three culminating assignments (Descriptive Personal Narrative; Text-Wrestling Analysis; Persuasive Research Essay) give students a chance to show their learning while also practicing rhetorical awareness techniques for future writing situations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

OER Guide for WR 227 Instructors: Using Open Educational Resources (OERs) in WR 227 Courses

From the site: "The OER Guide for WR 227 Instructors: Using Open Educational Resources (OERs) in WR 227 Courses aims to help instructors make sense of and sort the massively decentralized and varying content of existing OERs available to support technical and professional writing courses. This guide is intended as a resource for introductory technical writing course instructors to adapt an existing course to integrate OER resources, or, to build a new course with all-OER student resources. This guide was developed for the specific use of WR 227 instructors at Portland State University and across Oregon; however, the material in the guide or its presentation is not tied to any particular course and is therefore also useful for instructors of introductory technical writing and professional writing courses more broadly."

World Literature OER

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