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Fake News

How to spot fake news

Fake News

Fake news consists of “news articles that are intentionally and verifiably false, and could mislead readers” (Allcott and Gentzkow, 2017, p. 212).  They are created and circulated for two main reasons. The first and most common is financial: news articles that go viral on social media can bring considerable earnings. The second reason is ideological: one might want to circulate their beliefs by creating false news.

Fake news has always existed, but has become more widespread due to social media use, where there is no fact-checking or editorial judgment. Because of that, it is important to have tools to evaluate news articles encountered on social media.

How to Spot Fake News

Spotting Fake News During COVID-19

Check out this informative cartoon from NPR to learn more about how misinformation can spread, the risks involved, and tips to avoid sharing inaccurate or alse content: click here.


How to spot fake news: 1. Examine the Style: All caps, exclamation points, and bad grammar are not a good sign. 2. Consider the Source: for example, is not the actual URL for ABC News 3. Check the Author and Date: Is there an author? Are they real? Are there dates and do they make sense? 4. Read Beyond the Headline: you will be surprised with the content. 5. Check Supporting Sources: do they actually back up the claim?

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What if I need a title that is not available in either the Touro College Libraries Print or eBook collections?

To request, please log in to the library website > click on the 'Services' dropdown menu > and click 'Request Materials from Another Library (ILL)'. Fill out the online form and submit your request for the item you need.

Learn more about Requesting Materials from Another Library (ILL) here.


Finding Scholarly Articles on Fake News

Databases are a great place to search for individual articles from newspapers, magazines, and academic journals. 

While many news and magazine articles may also be found with an internet search engine, our subscription databases can provide you with access to older articles that are not available online and other pay-per-view materials, plus additional options to refine your search. As far as scholarly articles go, databases should be your first stop! Most scholarly literature is not freely available.  

Get started quickly with the seach bar below, or check out some of our subject-specific recommendations. Be sure you've registered for off-campus access.

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Limit Your Results

Recommended databases:

Besides "fake news," try adding "false news" and "alternative facts" as keywords for your search.

Recommended Websites

Fact Checker Websites

The Washington Post



News Literacy Resources

Fake News Examples & Explanations

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