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MSIN 695 - Capstone Course: Information Systems Research Project Seminar: Creating Citations

Find library resources you can use for your Information Systems capstone course

Show your sources!

The two main ways of citing your sources in APA style are in-text citations (which are in parentheses in your document) and the References page (also called a bibliography, it goes at the end of your document). You can create these citations manually, or have your citation manager create them and then review the output. Below are some instructions for RefWorks, but also see our detailed guide and review the Academic Integrity Policy:

Create Bibliographies

A bibliography, called a References page in APA, is a list of sources used in your paper. Every source mentioned in the body of the paper must appear on the references page. See below for a detailed description of the rules regarding this part of your paper:

APA References Guide

Using RefWorks

In your RefWorks account, choose the items you want to include in your bibliography, and click on the quotation marks. Click on create bibliography, and you will get your complete bibliography. The default is APA style, which is the style required by your professor.

Important: proofread your bibliography. RefWorks is a great tool, but it is not foolproof.

create citation

Create in-text citations

In-text citations (also called parenthetical citations) are critical in APA style, and must be used when you write something that is not a common-knowledge fact, and not your own original idea. When paraphrasing, summarizing, or directly quoting someone else's work, you must cite. When in doubt, cite. Below is a guide to the various forms of in-text citation:

APA In-text Citations Guide

Using RefWorks

To create in-text citations, follow these steps:

  • Select the folder you want to use (where your citations are)
  • Click on create bibliography (the quotation marks), then quick cite
  • Choose APA style
  • Select the desired article

This will create a parenthetical citation. If you wish to include more than one author in your citation, select multiple sources:

in-text citation

APA 7th Edition Quick Reference Guide

Below is a quick guide to APA 7th edition citations for your bibliography

Citation Tools and Resources

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