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John Milton

A guide for beginning research and study on John Milton and his works.



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Introduction to John Milton

Welcome to the LibGuide for John Milton. Here you will find a variety of resources to help you in your research. 

Portriat of John Milton (Brittanica)

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 John Milton was an English poet, pamphleteer, and historian. He is most widely known for his work Paradise Lost, an English epic poem regarding the fall of Lucifer from Heaven, and other poetical works such as Comus and Lycidas. He is also known for his political commentary, anti-tyrannical views and fight against censorship. For more information about John Milton you can read his Encyclopedia Britannica biography linked below.  

Overview of Selected Works

This section offers a brief overview of a selected number of Milton's work that you may come across during your coursework. For more information follow the title links to the individual Encyclopedia Britannica page. 

Works by Milton

Criticism and Analysis

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