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Sefer Ezra and Sefer Nehemia: Ezra the Scribe and Nehemia the Builder

The Cyrus Cylinder attests to Cyrus, King of Persia (and a later descendant of Esther), who gave permission to the Jews to return from Babylon to Eretz Yisrael led by Ezra the Scribe and Nehemiah, who helped rebuild the Second Temple.

Sefer Ezra and Sefer Nehemia

PowerPoint on Sefer Ezra and Sefer Nehemia given at the Lander College for Women as per request of Professor Esther Boylan:

ancient coin depicting Ezra the Scribe

Ezra in classical מפרשי תנ"ך

Ezra in מדרשי אגדה

Nehemia in מפרשי תנ"ך

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