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Beit HaMikdash & Types of Korbanot

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David Levy

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Kelim (vessels) of Beit HaMikdash

Bezalel son of Uri, Architect of Beit HaMikdash


3 Pilgramage festivals in 2nd Temple tekufah

Rulers During 2nd Temple Tekufah

Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing)


The Beit HaMikdash and its relationship ot Ahavas HAshem as seen via the prism of Tehillim 19 by DBL


Temple References from Rambi

Temple Architecture

Temple Ancient Near East

Temple Art

Temple and Halakhah

Temple History

Temple: in Bible

Beit Rishon-First Temple

Temple Hurban-Destruction


Second Temple

Temple Liturgy and Prayer

Temple Mount-Archeology


Temple: Post-Biblical Literature


Priestly Vestments

Priesthood: Ancient Near East, Bible, Halakhah, History, Rabbinic Literature

Herod's Temple hosting "Painted Blue Marble": The Peshat and deeper understandings by DBL

Korbanot and halakhah

Sacrifice and Priesthood

Peer reviewed articles on techelet

Ketoret (Incense) Articles and Mikorot

Omer offering


Terumah, ma'aser, ma'aser sheni, pidyon ha-ben, lechem panim, bikkurot, etc

Peer Reviewed articles on the Kehunah (Priesthood)by DBL

Levites and phrases HaKohanim HaLeveim by DBL

Temple Architecture and the Har Habayit- composition 1986 by dBL

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