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Parashat HaShavua Sites and Hagim

Commentaries on the weekly Torah portion across 52 Shabbatot of the year and Holiday (Hagim) drashot.

PowerPoints on Akedat Yitzchak (Chanted on the Second Day of Rosh Hashanah), and Sefer Yonah (Chanted in Minchah on Yom Kippur)

The Binding of Isaac (Gen. 22) is chanted on the Second Day of Rosh Hashanah and as the PowerPoint indicates in the comments of Rav Kook evokes the zekut Avot (merit of the ancestors) which we hope is particularly remembered on Yamim Noraim. Maftir Yona is chanted in the minchah service on Yom Kippur.  These two PowerPoints on: (1) The binding of Isaac (Akedat Yitchak) and (2) Sefer Yonah in the context of biblical archeological remains of Ninevah along with the commentaries of various Rabbinic luminaries including  the GRA etc. were presented at the LCW, as per request of LCW professors for their courses that were covering these topics in class.

Rabbi Tzvi Flaum: Tish b'av- The impossible is possible

Sound Archives of Holiday Songs

10 Symbolic food customs on Rosh Hashanah and their Relation to Rabbinic Mikorot by David B Levy

Halakhic Questions surrounding Lighting of Chanukah Menorah by David B Levy

Midrashic commentaries on Shirat Hayam in parashah Beshalach in Sefer Shemot yod daleth by DBL

Yamim Noraim (The High Holidays) bibliography

Haftarot of the Yamim Noraim

Rosh Hodesh by DBL

Ki Savo and Bikkurim by David B Levy

Tehillim 19 and Birkhat haTorah by DBL

A Journey of a layner of parasha Bechalotkhah: Fathoming the Menorah in Tanakh, Rabbinic texts, history, legend and lore, literature, and film by DBL

Haftorah Yetro by DBL

Tu B'Av or 15th of Av ט״ו באב‎o

Akedat Yitchak Devar Torah by dbl parasha Wayyera

Historical devar torah in memory of the murdered Jews of Luboml by DBL

Biblical Testing from Adam ve Chava in Gan Eden to Ihe children of Israel bamidbar to Sefer Iyov by DBL

Creation and Order in Bereishit, Koheleth, Tehillim, and Sefer Iyov

parasha vayera- hypertext version on Akedat Yitchak by dbl

Lag BaOmer by dbl with hypertext links

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