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William Shakespeare: Table of Contents

Introduction to William Shakespeare

Welcome to the Library Guide all about William Shakespeare. Here is a great place to start your research.

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Phrases Attributed to Shakespeare

Shakespeare invented many phrases that are still in use to this day.

Below they are broken down by which work each phrase was first utilized in.

All Charts:

Chart One Works With 2 Phrases :

Work of Shakespeare:





As You Like it "We Have Seen Better Days" "Too Much of a Good Thing"
The Taming of the Shrew "Break the Ice" "All of a Sudden"
The Merchant of Venice "All that Glitters is Gold" "With Bated Breath"
Romeo and Juliet "Star Crossed Lovers"

"Wild Goose Chase"

Chart Two Works with 4 Phrases:

Work of Shakespeare:









The Merry Wives of Windsor " A Laughing Stock" "Neither Here Nor There" "As Good Luck Would Have It" "The World Is My Oyster"
Macbeth "To Be All" "End All" "Something Wicked This Way Comes" "What's Done is Done"

Chart Three Works with 3 Phrase: 

Work of Shakespeare:







The Tempest "Vanish into Thin Air" "Brave New World" "In a Pickle"
Julius Caesar "A Dish Fit for the Gods" "It's Greek to Me" "Sterner Stuff"

Chart For  Works with 5 Phrases:

Work of Shakespeare:











Othello "Jealousy is a Green Eyed Monster" "Wear My Heart on My Sleeve" "Neither Here Nor There " "Forgone Conclusion" "Vanish into Thin Air"
Henry the First to Henry the Eight "Eaten Out of House and Home" "Mum's the Word" "Up in Arms" "Devil Incarnate"

"Send Him Packing"

Charts For Works with Only 1  Phrase:

Woks of Shakespeare:



King Lear "That Way Madness Lies"
Cymbeline "Not Slept One Wink"
A Comedy of Errors "Neither Rhyme Nor Reason"
Antony and Cleopatra "To Beggar a Description"
Alls Well That Ends Well "Alls Well That Ends Well"


Words Shakespeare Invented

Shakespeare invented around  1700 common words by changing nouns into verbs, verbs into adjectives,  connecting words, adding prefixes and suffixes and connecting words never connected before.  Below are an example of around 22 words that you wouldn't expect to  be attributed to Shakespeare.  An example of this is the suffix "Un" whose originator was  Shakespeare himself .

1. Addiction 2. Arch Villain 3. Auspicious 4. Bare-faced
5. Baseless 6. Belongings 7. Castigate 8.Clangor
9. Dexterously 10. Dishearten 11. Dwindle 12. Eventful
13.Fashionable 14. Cold Blooded /15. Hot Blooded / 16. Half  Blooded 17. Lady Bird 18. Manager
19. Multitudinous 20. New Fangled 21.Pageantry 22. Sanctimonious  

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