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BIO 211: Genomic Imprinting

A guide to resources for research for Professor Venkatraman's Genetics class.

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In genomic imprinting, one copy of a gene is silenced, leaving only one working copy (usually there are two).  When two copies are activated, or two are inactivated during improper imprinting (i. e. two maternal copies, or two paternal copies), this can result in many disorders.*


Cloned Mice with Different DNA Methylation, (Photograph courtesy of Emma Whitelaw, University of Sydney, Australia.) - Bradbury J: Human Epigenome Project—Up and Running. PLoS Biol 1/3/2003: e82. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -

Cloned Mice with Different DNA Methylation (image courtesy of Emma Whitehead)

*Genetic Science Learning Center (2014, June 22) Genomic Imprinting. Learn.Genetics. Retrieved September 8, 2014, from 

Article Databases

Databases are a great place to search for individual articles from newspapers, magazines, and academic journals. 

While many news and magazine articles may also be found with an internet search engine, our subscription databases can provide you with access to older articles that are not available online and other pay-per-view materials, plus additional options to refine your search. As far as scholarly articles go, databases should be your first stop! Most scholarly literature is not freely available.  

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Recommended Websites

To find additional quality information online, try using Google Scholar, which searches an academically-oriented subset of online materials:

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Additional Resources

Here are some keywords to try out in your database searches (put phrases in quotation marks to get more exact results!).

General keywords:

"genomic imprinting"

"uniparental disomy"


"dna methylation"

"histone modulation"

"imprinted domains"

"cloning" and "imprinting"

Diseases associated with imprinting:

"prader-willi syndrome"

"angelman syndrome"

"beckwith-wiedemann syndrome"

"silver-russell syndrome"

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