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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”                                            Albert Einstein

Critical Reading

Techniques for Reading in College and University

Critical Thinking & Argumentation

  1. Critical Thinking
    • A short video introduction
  2. Critical Thinker Academy - Free Videos
    • Free video courses on critical thinking and improving your essay writing
  3. Evidence
    • What counts and how to incorporate it effectively
  4. Logical Fallacies
    • An explanation of the most common logical fallacies

Building Blocks of Writing

Big Dog's Guide to Grammar - The essentials of grammar with optional self-tests

A Rough Guide to Punctuation - Get the basics in chart form

Grammar in College Writing - Explanations of the most common grammatical issues

12 Guidelines for Formal Writing - Common conventions of Standard Written English

When To Use and When Not To Use Commas

Common Errors in Student Writing - Don't let this be you!

Principles of Clear Sentences - Best practices in sentene construction

Frequently Misued Words - Don't make these common mistakes!

Writing & Revision

Developing a Thesis - Steps and concerns when composing a thesis statement

Crafting an Effective Thesis Statement - Models for effective theses

Elements of a Paragraph - Craft clear, effective and organized paragraphs

Transitioning between Paragraphs - Transitional phrases and ideas

Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Summarizing - How they differ and how to employ them

Revising & Editing - A 3-step process

Revising & Proofreading: A Comprehensive Guide - Considerations for an effective paper

Revising Drafts - The differences among revising, editing, and proof-reading

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